Duo Isas Kwiek


Cecilia Isas, violin - Alan Kwiek, piano

They made their debut in the "48 Musical September Tucuman" in 2008 and in October they won the first prize (awarded unanimously) of the chamber music contest organized by Argentmúsica. In 2010 they won the first prize in the contest "Young Performers of the Bicentennial" organized by the Arts National Fund. It was presented in Argentina and abroad in important halls and convened by prestigious musical associations, among them: Provincial Theater, Mozarteum and 20 de Febrero of Salta Club. San Martin Theater and Orestes Caviglia hall of Tucumán, Friends of Music from Concepción de Uruguay, Mariano Moreno Association, Paraná, Music at the Winery, Colón de Entre Ríos. Bolívar Musical Association, Golden Hall of the city of La Plata, College of Notaries of Buenos Aires, Law School, Amijai Community Temple, National Library, Italian Circle, Isaac Fernández Blanco Museum, Bicentennial House, Augusto Sebastiani Auditorium, National Radio Auditorium, Usina del Arte, Kirchner Cultural Center (Honor Hall, Argentinian Hall and Symphonic Hall) of the City of Buenos Aires.

We mention their outreach of Argentina music for prestigious music associations: Argentine Association of Composers, UNACOM, Forum of female Composers and CUDA. Of his presentations in Europe we remark the opening concert of the festival "Progetto Martha Argerich" in Lugano (Switzerland, 2012) and the recitals offered in Verona (Italy) for the Associazione Culturale "Gaetano Zinetti" at the Palazzo Forti. In Barcelona (Spain) and Breda (Netherlands) under the sponsorship of the CEP. In 2015 they opened the concert season of the city of Bolívar with a program entirely dedicated to female composers to celebrate the day of women. They also have participated in the International Festival of Classical Music by the Wine Roads in Mendoza capital and Tupungato, with resounding success. They followed performances in the city of La Plata, in Salta, Entre Ríos and Córdoba, Libertador Theater and Río Tercero under the auspices of the Pro Arte Foundation. They have been invited by the Argentine Association of Performers to perform the concert to mark the 100th anniversary of the prestigious institution, on the occasion they premiered Lucio Bruno Videla's sonata among other works. It is worth mentioning that the Duo took part in the Film "La calle de los pianistas" (The street of the pianists) made in Belgium in 2014 and that it was presented at the Colón Theater within the framework of the closing of the BAFICI Festival 2015.In 2016 they began his concert activity in Brazil, Porto Alegre, offering a recital at the Ling Institute. They followed, among others, presentations at the Miter theater in Jujuy invited by the Mozarteum of Jujuy, Entre Ríos, at the Estancia Monte Viejo in the city of Brandsen and at the CCK in Buenos Aires, where he was presented on two occasions, firstly, with a recital, occasion where they made the Argentine premiere of the sonata 3 of the Polish composer G. Bacewicz. Then, together with the Youth Orchestra of Jujuy under the baton of Sergio Jurado, performing the double concert by J. Haydn, a concert that was repeated at the Soldati Villa School of Music under the auspices of the Rotary Club. They participated in the "Classics in the MAT" Cycle of the Museum of the City of Tigre. The year 2017 led the duo to make three presentations in Spain, two in Barcelona and one in Bilbao. The Netherlands and Belgium were other countries visited during the last season making their debut for "Musical Youth of Bilbao". Already in Argentina, in the CCK (Hall of Honor and Sala Argentina) they made the "Beethovenian Marathon" where was presented in our country for the first time, the complete cycle of the ten sonatas for violin and piano of the genius of Bonn in a single day. Also during 2017, the duo performed as premiere in our country, the Concertino by G. Bacewicz. Within the repertoire of the duo we find a space exclusively dedicated to works created by female composers, so hard to be programmed in the concert halls, such as Amanda Maier, Amy Beach, Lili Boulanger, Clara Schumann, Fanny Mendelssohn, and the Argentines Elena Larionov, Beatriz Renta and Celina Kohan among others. In 2018 they opened the Concert season of the "Mariano Moreno" Association of Paraná. They recently appeared at Villa General Belgrano for Concertos "El Rincón" and performed the opening concert of the "Musical October Concepción del Uruguay". His future commitments include presentations in Buenos Aires, Spain and the Netherlands.